TUDA Publications

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Strong resonances in elastic scattering of radioactive 21Na on protons 

Phys. Rev. C 65, 042801 (2002) (+ Publishers note )

Aspects of Nuclear Phenomena Under Explosive Astrophysical Conditions

PhD thesis of Chris Ruiz, PDF,  3.6 MByte

Resonant Elastic Scattering Studies at TUDA

First ISAC accelerated radioactive beam data from September 2001

PPT talk by Chris Ruiz, 32 MByte

Exploding Stars in the Lab

PPT talk by Alison Laird, TRIUMF, date?, 35 MByte

Multichannel R-matrix analysis of elastic and inelastic resonances in the 21Na+p compound system

C. Ruiz et. al. Physical Review C 71 025802 (2005)

Level structure of 21Mg: Nuclear and astrophysical implications

A.St.J. Murphy et. al. Physical Review C 73 034320 (2006)